Woman Shifting Now




What is next for women in midlife when everything changes in our lives? Never mind adjusting to all the physical changes menopause brings, but our relationships, family roles, and careers all change too. Then one morning we wake up and wonder, is this it? Is it too late to ignite some dreams? Or we wonder, have I been living God’s plan for my life or someone else’s idea for my life? Could that be why this sense of exhaustion from this last season of life, regret, feeling lost or restless and do we chase away this belief I am not worthy or thought that it’s too late for those dreams linger. 

Twice I hit this cross road. The first time in my late 40’s led to choosing sobriety after addiction to alcohol. The second time in my late 50’s led to the burning vision to live the rest of my days helping other women transform their lives by being a life coach, author and speaker. Both times of major transformation happened with God at the helm of reconstruction after seasons of my self efforts creating a lot of wreckage.

So what if we give ourselves the gift of time in silence and solitude with God to show us a new purpose for midlife? Women Shifting Now will take you on a spiritual journey with God and Lorraine as your spiritual guide to a deeper and more authentic relationship with God. You will learn to surrender to His deep love for you. Connect with Who God is and Who you are to God.  Visit your life through His eyes seeing the beautiful tapestry of your life milestones, key relationships, and revisiting the touchstones of values, beliefs, and life experiences. Seeing where Jesus was all along the journey of our life.

Then you are guided through how to make intentional changes to truly love God, yourself and your life again or in some cases for the first time. Shift into a new season now to ignite new dreams. Dreams of meaning and making a difference in our broken world. Explore what that might look like whether it’s a new mission, ministry or career. Learn how to stay anchored to this new life vision that requires a much deeper reliance on God who multiplies everything you do. Show up every day with renewed light, love, and joy and watch the miraculous healing of our broken world that comes through you


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