Lorraine C Thomson:

Midlife Transformation Coach for Women

Ready to ignite your life with purpose and passion again? You’ve come to the right person. My name is Lorraine C Thomson, and I’ve made it my mission to be both guide and support to women transitioning from one stage of life to another.

Why I Do What I Do

I’ve noticed that many women experiencing mid-life crises tend to be stuck on past regrets. Unable to move on from what could have been, they fail to notice how bright their future could be. My goal is to help women struggling with menopause, addiction, career changes, and more break out of their current mindset and rediscover the essence of who they are.


Conquer Your Fears,
Start Living With Purpose And Transform Your Life

Are you ready to discover your true purpose and become the best version of yourself? With my help, we’ll have you moving past your blind spots, setting up an efficient time management system, and identifying both new and old values, strengths, and goals.

Let’s do this thing…


Hi, I’m Lorraine, 

My passion is to encourage women to make significant, life-changing shifts, like a change in career, vocation, and so on. As a faith-driven spiritual entrepreneur, author, and life coach, I am dedicated to helping my clients learn more about themselves, ignite their true-life purpose and inspire others in turn.

Let me be your safe space, show you how to access a brighter future, and launch your dreams.

Change Starts Now

Check out my shop, products, and services, and find out more about the various ways I can help you transform your life! 

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My book is meant to be a guide to transformation. My mission is to help women create visions and goals for their lives and futures. There’s so much more to life than what you’re experiencing right now, and I hope to show all that and more. Be one of the first to get my new book, Women Shifting Now, Clear Your Path to Launch Your Dreams, and start to thrive in your new life! 

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